It’s Time to Consider the Exciting Field of Homeland Security

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Dr. Rich Wier

Choosing a career in Homeland Security could actually be much more financially rewarding than you think. Typically, individuals that choose a profession with Homeland Security reportedly make an average of almost $75,000 a year. Though this might not be agreeable to all, it’s a decent amount considering the lack of jobs and high unemployment rates that the United States is currently experiencing.

Excluding the possible monetary returns, there is also quite a large amount of prestige that comes with being employed by Homeland Security. But many wonder, how do they even begin a career within this government institution? This article will discuss exactly that, and everything else one needs to know to earn a degree in this particular field.


What Background Do You Need?

Notably, that the Department of Homeland Security was originally created back in 2002 as a response to the 9/11 terrorist attack that rocked American soil. A degree in Homeland Security differs from a degree in law enforcement mainly due to its specific studies, many of which spread in a variety of directions. Meanwhile, these also lead to even more specialized areas of work. For instance, some programs concentrate on border security, while others focus on counter-terrorism, and with even more possible applications.

Just recently, earning a degree online has become a popular choice. Thankfully, there are quite a lot of competent institutions people can find that have specific degrees in Homeland Security. One such program is the B.S. in Cybersecurity from Champlain College Online. This particular degree has become incredibly popular with those seeking careers in this specific field. Considering the amount of hackers coming out of the woodwork these days, most companies are doing what they can to safeguard all their sensitive information. Because of this, someone with a high skill-set in the degree of cybersecurity will be a huge asset to their company.

Moreover, they can also opt to get online degrees in digital forensics, information assurance and cybersecurity, criminal justice, as well as others to work in that field.


What Are the Benefits of This Profession?

There are a number of benefits one can get from choosing to get a degree in this particular field. Reports show that those that work in Homeland Security make roughly $30,000 more on average than those earning a middle income salary within the United States. Furthermore, they can also advance their careers by opting to get more certifications, ancillary degrees, or via other ways that allows them to gain more knowledge while on the job while earning a higher income too.

When it comes to tuition, a number of schools only cost around $7,000. Meanwhile, other schools can go as high as $30,000 or more. Yet, unlike other four-year courses, gaining a degree in Homeland Security tends to be cheaper, while not taking as much time to complete. More often than not, the cost of these programs can vary depending on the state where these individuals choose to study. Thankfully, students may also opt to use financial aid when applicable.