Random Girl Sings With Street Performer And Blows People Away With Her Voice!

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Singer Jade Helliwell from Yorkshire, England, was out in the city of Leeds for a night on the town earlier this summer. Dressed in a cute dress and high heels, Jade heard a street performer or “busker”  and decided to approach him.

Dawid Osial was just trying to use his talents to earn a living entertaining the passersby hanging out at the local clubs and pubs. The pair didn’t know one another, but decided to perform a duet together after Jade asked.

He agreed to let Jade sing with him and there is no doubt he was probably a little worried at first.

A friend of the singer explained, “Jade was on a night out in Leeds and she saw a busker, she goes over and asks if she can have a sing.”

This was the explanation given after the video her friend took was uploaded online.

After the video went viral, many viewers encouraged the pair to go on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Jade is now pursuing a career in music on her own; you can see more from the talented singer on her Facebook page.