James Corden & Cindy Crawford Recreate The Famous 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

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It was 25 years ago when Crawford was 25. Now, at 50 years old, Crawford still has the same cutoff jean shorts she wore in the 60-second spot.

The famous Pepsi Super Bowl commercial has been seen millions upon millions of times and Crawford, with the help of James Corden…decided to recreate the ad! 

“These were the jeans I was wearing to the commercial, and they were like, ‘Do you mind if we cut your jeans?’ I’m like, ‘No.’ So these are them,” Crawford recalls.

In 1992, the average cost for a Super Bowl commercial was $850,000 per 30 seconds of airtime. Today, a spot will cost you an estimated $5 million! But while a lot has changed in a quarter century, Crawford’s beauty is still timeless.


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