Forget Fidget Spinners…This Mini Roller Is Going To Be The New Craze In Stress Relief

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jammer fidget roller

Fidget spinners have taken over the planet in recent weeks. Every kid and adult in the world seems to have one kicking around. Whether at school, work or home…there isn’t a Fidget Spinner to far away. 

Well, that may change as a new product has hit the market in an effort to become the latest stress relief aid, craze! 

It’s called ‘The Jammer’ and the toy is designed to be rolled and flipped on surfaces, and like the fidget spinner, claims to relieve stress and aid concentration.

While the roller is not yet available in stores, there are several accounts selling them on both eBay and Amazon.

The oblong-shaped toy has rounded edges, allowing users to do various spinning tricks with them, both on their own or with friends.

One of the accounts selling the roller on eBay is Singapore-based Mokru.

In a description for the device, Mokru said: ‘It has a simple design with endless possibilities that will test your creativity and dexterity.

‘Play with the Stick roller for fun or sharpen your skills and style to become a master.

The Fidget Spinner is cool and all, but it gets old quick. The Jammer actually looks like it may be a bit of fun. Something to fidget with while listening to a boring lecture or during a long work meeting that you so desperately want to end! 

Mokru sells the device for 99p ($1.28), though prices vary online.

Another firm called chenyd118, that is selling the fidget roller on Amazon even claims that it is ‘Great for fidgety hands, ADHD sufferers’, although it does not provide any evidence for this.