32 Jaw-Dropping NBA Player Homes

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Being an NBA superstar definitely has its perks. With their mega salaries, they can afford to live largely! From personal gyms to outdoor spas, they can customize their homes to suit their every need. The challenge for most of them is securing their privacy and still having enough space for all the amenities they want on the property. It’s pretty rare for a player to play for just 1 team during their entire career so a lot of them actually have to move around the country depending on what team they play for. In some cases, like with Kobe, he played for 1 team and spent his time just in Los Angeles. Then there are players like LeBron, who has played for 3 different teams already. One thing is for sure, no matter where they land they really do know how to enjoy the finest things.
Let’s check out 32 mind blowing homes these NBA stars relax in!