‘Jeopardy’ Slowed After Alex Trebek Is Hospitalized For Emergency Brain Surgery

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jeopardy Alex Trebek brain surgery

Fans of the hit game show Jeopardy were a tad mind blown this week as the show’s long-time host, Alex Trebek, revealed he had been hospitalized last month.

The game show shared a video message from Trebek on their social media page, revealing that the program has been put on hiatus while Trebek recovers at home.

NBC News reported that 77-year-old Trebek underwent emergency brain surgery at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on December 16.

Trebek revealed that the surgery was to remove blood clots on his brain, also know as subdural hematoma. The condition is usually linked to head injuries, and Trebek explained it was caused by a fall he suffered in October.

Trebek simply brushed off the surgery stating that is was nothing more than a ‘slight medical problem’, although he did spent two days recovering in the hospital prior to being released.

Below is the statement Trebek issued. He also lets fan know that he will be back in action and in the studio taping new episodes soon!

The show tapes up to 5-months in advance, so new shows airing should not be a problem. Sony Studio’s released a statement stating that Trebek was going to make a full recovery and will be back on set soon.