Jewelry Is So Easy To Break, Is It Really A Quality Problem?

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Jewelry has become an indispensable part of modern people’s lives. However, many people have a series of problems after purchase, such as necklaces and bracelets are easily broken, hollow jewelry deformation, gold jewelry discoloration, etc. Some customers think there is something wrong with the quality of the products. Today, I will tell you what the quality of jewelry is and jewelry wearing problems!

Quality problems


  1. The quality of pure gold and sterling silver commodities (gold, platinum, silverware) refers to whether the gold content and silver content of the commodity meets the national standard.
  2. The quality of jewelry (diamond, color treasure, jade, pearl) refers to whether the product is natural, jewelry products generally have the certificate issued by the National Jewelry Inspection Bureau.
  3. The quality of wooden string refers to the authenticity of the wooden string, and whether the label is the same

Wearing problems


Commodity breakage, deformation, discoloration, etc. are wear problems. During the process of wearing, customers will consciously or unconsciously scratch the goods, squeeze the goods or touch the chemicals, which will lead to the fracture, deformation, and discoloration of the goods. The problem of wearing is not limited to the length of time. It may be one day or one year. When wearing a personalized birthstone necklace, you would have to pay more attention, but there is generally no major problems. If there is a wearing problem, you can usually go to the store for free maintenance. If special goods can’t be repaired and shaped, you can pay the processing fee for a new style. Some products (such as jade, wooden string, etc.) can’t be replaced with new ones and repaired. You need to pay more attention to this.

  1. The quality of gold jewelry is soft. Do not rub, collide or squeeze with hard objects when wearing, so as to avoid deformation. Deformation or fracture happens regardless of the length of time you wear the piece. You should avoid mixing gold jewelry with chemical substances such as acid, alkali, tribute, tin, lead, iodine, cosmetics, etc., otherwise, it will turn white. This is a normal chemical reaction and should be processed at the storefront. The fading and discoloration of gold jewelry are closely related to the sweat of the human body. 1% of the human body’s sweat is a harmful substance, such as chloride, lactic acid urea, ammonium urate, etc., which will produce silver chloride and copper sulphide. It also has a dark black chemical salt, which must be cleaned at the storefront. You should try to avoid pairing gold jewelry with platinum jewelry, as this may cause color changes due to friction.
  2. Palladium jewelry is very hard, avoid doing damage to it as it is difficult to repair.
  3. Inlaid diamonds are best checked every three months, to see if the diamonds are loose, shifting, etc., Wear diamonds to avoid contact or collision with hard objects, so as to avoid deformation of the ring, resulting in loose diamonds. Diamonds are strongly lipophilic and should be cleaned every 3 months.
  4. Pearl jewelry and 18K gold personalized photo pendant necklaces should avoid exposure, avoid contact with perfume, hair gel and other highly volatile substances, otherwise, it will easily fade or lose luster.
  5. Jade jewelry can not be contacted with acid, alkali and organic solutions, otherwise, it will be prone to corrosive effects. Jewelry should be removed during sleep, bathing and, heavy exercise.
  6. Wooden string products can not touch water, don’t play with sweat on your hands to avoid wooden string cracking.

Jewelry lovers must not think about maintenance needs when wearing their favorite jewelry. Any small movement or small collision may cause fatal damage to the jewelry. Organize the common cases of daily jewelry maintenance and learn daily protection from the damaged parts.

Therefore, “jewelry is expensive, but it is never brittle”, you don’t have to be careful, but you can’t be too sloppy. Pay attention to the little details. Every piece of jewelry is indispensable to the owner. Then why don’t we pay attention to it and stop letting our loved jewelry be ruined by our own hands.

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