Jewelry Store Surveillance Video Shows Masked Robbers Failing To Break Display Case Glass!

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Jewelry stores surveillance video caught a group of four masked robbers trying to gain access to the front end jewelry display the case. The case holds thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of expensive gold, silver and diamond jewelry…and they were certainly protected.

The display case is equipped with what many would think of as regular glass…however the glass is bullet proof and also ‘hammer’ proof.

The robbers can be seen continually beating the glass with huge hammers trying to gain access to the jewels…but the glass never breaks! Over and over again the robbers pound with all their might…but it doesn’t give way!

Looks like their jewelry heist was nothing more than a wasted trip!

Posted by KEDAI EMAS SRI ALAM Seksyen 23 on Monday, July 24, 2017