Jimmy Kimmel Had A Perfect, Emotional Response To The Killing Of Cecil The Lion

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“Maybe we can show the world that not all Americans are like this jackhole.” ► R.I.P. Cecil The Lion – One Of Zimbabwe’s Most Loved Lions

Jimmy Kimmel gave a very emotional response to the recent killing of the World’s most beloved loved lion, Cecil, during his opening monologue on the Jimmy Kimmel show. A teary eyed Kimmel brought to light what a horrific act this was and how pointless the killing of this innocent lion was at the hands of American dentist Walter J. Palmer.

We could not agree more with Kimmel, Walter Palmer seems to have an ego issue and his senseless hunting acts are over the top ridiculous.

Walter Palmer is not a hunter, he did not hunt this lion for food. Walter Palmer paid money to have two men lure this animal out of protection, shot the animal with an arrow, tracked the wounded animal for 40 hours, shot the animal, skinned and beheaded the animal and left the remains to rot.  Walter Palmer did all of that for one purpose and one purpose only, to KILL. Walter Palmer is a killer and Cecil the lion was killed to satisfy Walter Palmer’s urge to KILL.


(via – Youtube)

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