John Cena Is Brought To Tears After His Biggest Fans Surprise Him With An Award

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It’s not everyday a massive 250-pound wrestler is brought to tears by a young boy, but it happened and boy was it emotional.

John Cena make a wish

John Cena is known for his generosity and although he is a tough guy in the ring, he is a softy at heart. Recently Cena granted his 500th Make-A-Wish, inviting a terminally ill child to meet him in person. This time around…Cena was the one who got the surprise of a lifetime.

Cena first started granting wishes back in 2004 and ever since, he has put smiles on 500 individual’s who were faced with horrific health challenges.  Cena’s ‘Never Give Up’ motto has become a way of life for himself and his fans.

Over the years, the people Cena met have paid him back in many emotional ways. However, below you will see Cena showing up on set to read some ‘fan mail’, but he has no clue what is in store for him!


A handful of the thousands of fans who took Cena’s “never give up” motto to heart were actually in the studio.

As they watched, Cena read their letters about overcoming tragic accidents, tough family situations and painful medical conditions. The wrestler was obviously choked up as he realized how much he meant to his fans.

One of the most moving stories came from a little boy who got one of Cena’s signature wristbands at a WWE show. He gave it to his mother as a good luck charm during a risky cancer operation, and just as the video telling his story ended the boy burst into the room to thank Cena in person.

“Just remember that you guys do the work,” he said. “Don’t think that you’re the only one who’s up against it and don’t think that you’re the only one who doesn’t have challenges to face every day. You all lead by example and I mean it when I say it, never give up.”