Jordan Smith’s ‘Somebody To Love’ Performance On The Voice Is Unbeatable

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May we take a moment and recognize that The Voice contestant Jordan Smith has a voice that is truly out of this world and simply unbeatable.

Jordan rocked the most recent live broadcast of the popular television show ‘The Voice‘ when he sang Queen’s rock classic ‘Somebody To Love’.

We have been a fan of The Voice for years and can honestly say we have never seen such an incredible performance. In fact, this performance is so amazing, it more than likely will never be topped and you will be hard pressed to find another performance by an amateur contestant that even holds a candle to Jordan’s.

The crowd was electric and the judges were simply blown away. Adam Levine had very few words but a ton of emotion after Jordan‘s performance. Levine simply said ‘There is nothing I can say because that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen‘.

Levine even went as far as going on stage after the performance, grabbing the microphone from Jordan and dropping it…clearly making his performance mic drop worthy!

There is zero doubt that Jordan Smith will win this season of The Voice and there is also no doubt that his competitors are simply runners up just waiting for the finale to be over.

Jordan’s videos on Youtube surpass his competitions videos in views by millions and we can all see why.

Start your day off right and watch the outstanding performance below!


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