Josh Duggar Of ’19 Kids And Counting’ Makes Incest Joke In Resurfaced 2008 Clip

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Recently TLC’s hit show ’19 Kids and Counting’ has been under fire. The cause of the uproar is due to the past action of the Duggar’s oldest son, Josh Duggar. Josh admitted to molesting several children when he was younger, some of those children are believed to be his siblings.

A massive 33 page police report had recently surfaced, providing details of the crimes. The report can be viewed in its entirety here.

TLC has also pulled the show from their lineup in wake of Josh’s admittance to the molestation.

Most recently the following clip has surfaced, featuring Josh Duggar nonchalantly making an incest joke in this 2008 ’19 Kids and Counting’ interview, filmed by TLC cameras.

The crimes that Josh Duggar has committed are disgusting acts. My personal opinion on the matter is this, the show should be cancelled and TLC made the right move by removing the show from their lineup. Josh Duggar has never had to pay a penalty for his crimes and he should not be making money and giving the impression to the public that he is a good person. People make mistakes, I understand this. However, molesting children doesn’t happen on accident, therefore the ‘mistake’ rule need not apply in this case.