Judge Judy Looking To Sell Her Reruns For A Cool $200 Million

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In addition to a $47 million CBS salary, Judge Judy Sheindlin also negotiated rights to her repeats, which she’s quietly pitching to potential outlets.

Judge Judy’s most recent contract renegotiation assured her a cool $47 million-plus, per year, along with rights to her library, which includes thousands of old episodes.

If all goes as the Judge hopes, she’ll soon sell that catalog for as much as $200 million. In doing so, Judy will prove a long-held theory that there’s little to no aftermarket for such syndicated shows, wrong.

Illustration by Læmeur

The Judge and her team feel as though the world will be salivating for more Judge Judy once her show stops airing episodes in the year 2020. That means…in her mind…there is and will always be a demand for more Judge Judy. 

Her ratings do prove this theory, for now anyways. When Judge Judy is compared to other popular ‘court’ shows, she blows away the competition. 

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