Judge Orders Two Year Cell Phone Ban For Girl Who Caused Fatal Accident

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Mitzi Nelson, 23 from Michigan was recently on trial for striking 35-year-old cyclist, Jill Byeich with her car. Nelson was distracted as she was using her cell phone when she struck Byeich, resulting in Byeich’s tragic death.

Throughout the trial Byeich’s family never held any hard feelings towards Nelson, stating that mistakes do happen. However, with that said, the family does believe that when mistakes do happen, there are consequences for those mistakes.

The #judge determined that on top of a 90 day jail sentence, two years of probation, 20 different drivers education classes and 150 hours of community service with $1,500 in fees and $15,600 in restitution – Nelson will also lose her cell #phone privileges for the next two years.

Judge Stewart McDonald of the Clinton County District Court handed down the sentence after careful deliberation, stating:

“I don’t think she has a right to have a cellphone. I think it’s a privilege.”

What do you think about this punishment? To harsh…or not harsh enough? Does the punishment fit the crime?