No One Expected This Jaw-Dropping Performance From Such A Bizarre Singer

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Julia Ivanova x factor

The audience and judges of the Ukrainian “X Factor” were blown away when 29-year-old Julia Ivanova showed up for her audition, but not at first. With her flaming scarlet hair and leather-studded pantsuit, the young woman looked like a crazy-awesome cross between Elvis Presley and Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.”

At first, audience members chuckled as Julia took to the stage. When the music started to play, Julia became engulfed in the tune and the audience surely didn’t know what to expect.

Julia sang a cover of the famous Queen song “The Show Must Go On,” — and she totally nailed it. With vocals that were at times soft and other times loud, gritty and awesome, she rocked the song!

Check it out below!


Here is Julia singing Scorpion’s cover, ‘Send Me An Angel’