Parents Capture Super Cool Interaction Between Orangutan And Their Baby At Denver Zoo

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Junie orangutan baby

Orangutan’s are amazingly smart creatures that think and feel much like humans do. In the video below, you will see exactly what we mean!

As a family visited the Denver Zoo with their infant son, they came across Junie, a Sumatran orangutan. Junie was moved from the Atlanta Zoo to the Denver Zoo because of Denver’s successful work with orangutan’s who battle chronic respiratory disease.

As the mother held her baby boy near the glass of Junie’s enclosure, Junie came close to take a look at the baby boy. Junie, pressing her lips to the glass, attempted to kiss the baby repeatedly. At one point, Junie even tried to share food with the youngster.

Certainly a rare and compassionate act which leaves no doubt that orangutan’s think, feel and love just like humans do.