Justin Bieber Sings Carpool Karaoke And Solves Rubik’s Cube In Under 2 Minutes!

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Justin Bieber recently made an appearance on the great Late Late Show with James Corden. If  you have not seen the Late Late Show before, #Corden loves to take his musical guests on a ride to work with him. During the ride he and his guests often sing the musician’s own songs, have small talk and share a few laughs.

In this segment, Justin Bieber rides along with Corden and it makes for an awesome 8 minute video! Bieber sings a few of  his tunes with Corden, the two switch their outfits with one another and Bieber even solves the Rubik’s cube in just a few moments time. The video is capped off with a little Boys II Men karaoke session. Enjoy!