Justin Bieber Under Investigation

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Los Angeles police are investigating a report that Justin Bieber allegedly head butted a man during an argument at a Sunset Strip restaurant.

According to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, a witness reported seeing the 22-year-old pop star fighting with two bartenders at a West Hollywood restaurant before head butting a patron early Saturday morning.

The department also stated Bieber and the bartenders left by the time deputies arrives. The restaurant in question is unknown. 

It must be really annoying to be as famous as Justin Bieber is. I personally am quite impressed that this young man hasn’t just lost his mind with all the harassment he gets on a daily basis. The guy can’t go anywhere without people all up in his face. 

Do a search on Youtube for Justin Bieber and you will get a slew of channels dedicated to pretty much stalking the guy, it’s crazy. 

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