Kansas Farmer Dies After Being Bit By A Tick & Contracting A Deadly Virus

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Last year, A Kansas man was bit by a tick and six months later he passed away.

For months the Kansas farmer baffled doctor’s with his symptoms. The symptom’s he was displaying were unlike anything doctor’s have ever seen, especially as a result from a Tick bite.

Finally the doctor’s found out what was causing the man’s illness. A tick-bourne illness known as ‘Bourbon Virus’, named after the town in Kansas in which the ill man lived. The horrific virus ended up taking the mans life and putting us living in the Western Hemisphere on high alert.


Ticks are nasty creatures no doubt, most famously known for latching on to the human body, filling up with your blood and falling off days later. The little nasty nasty’s also carry Lime Disease, which we all know is spreading quite fast throughout the United States and causes one to have a lifelong illness.


So, when you are out in the woods, tall grass, or even your own back yard…it might not hurt to put on a little tick repellent to ward off those SOB’s.





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