Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean – Basic Pool Maintenance Tips

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Swimming is usually a fun activity for most people who are good at it and a perfect way to bond with family, friends, and loved ones. Swimming as a sports activity helps people to relax. Some people have their pools at the backyard of the home. Even though it might be more difficult, they should always try to keep the pool clean for general health and safety reasons.

Keeping a swimming pool cleaner does not have to be quite difficult or complex as some people think. There are several different types of pools and each of them has different maintenance needs. Irrespective of the differences, they all share the same secret which is frequent routine care. Here are some maintenance tips to keep the pool clean and in good condition for many years.

Try to skim the debris and clean the basket

Always try to skim the surface of the pool by hand quite often weekly; it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to keep a pool clean. Skipping this process will cause the floating debris to sink eventually which may become more difficult to remove.

Skimming the pool aids in increasing the circulation efficiency of the pool and reduces the amount of chlorine that will need to be added to the pool. Make use of a hand or leaf skimmer to remove all the leaves, buds, and any other unwanted items found in the pool.

Vacuum the pool

As a pool owner, Mr Pool Man recommends that the pool should be vacuumed weekly to keep the water clean and also reduce the input of chemicals that can be added to the water. There are so many types of vacuum cleaners for pools, so try to choose a pool vacuum cleaner that works well with the pool.

Apart from vacuuming the pool once in a week, also try to brush the walls and tiles to reduce any algae accumulation and calcium deposits. The materials of a cool determine the type of cleaning equipment (brush) that can be used to keep the walls clean.

Always check and maintain the water level

Lots of water is usually lost during swimming seasons as a result of evaporation, swimming, splashing, and in the course of leaving the pool. When skimming the pool to take out the debris, it is always an ideal moment to equally check the pool’s water level as recommended by Mr. Pool. A basic trick will be to ensure it does not go beneath the level of the skimmer else the pump can be damaged. Do not leave drained pools empty for long. During winter, it is preferable to leave water in the pool and cover it properly.

Clean the filter of the pool

A pool usually has three different types of pool filters, which include; cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth. Each pool type has its maintenance procedure which all need periodic cleaning depending on the type of filter it has and how often the pool is being used.

Cleaning a pool regularly than the recommended number of times can disrupt the filtration process. An extremely clean filter is less efficient than one which has accumulated debris because the other dirt helps to trap other debris that removes dirt from the water.

This does not imply that the filter should be left to get too dirty – an increase in flow between the pressure gauge and flow meter is an indication that the filter needs to be cleaned.