Keith Apicary Dances Everywhere…In His Underwear

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Keith Apicary is the name of the man in question. Keith seems to be somewhat of a strange individual, but one with determination and some seriously awesome dance moves.

Keith made a video calling out to pro wrestler Dolph Ziggler, stating that he wanted to wrestle him and give him an attitude adjustment. It becomes clear as you watch the video that Keith is not a big fan of Ziggler’s attitude. Well, Ziggler responded and then so did Keith…again.

Keith shows us the victory dance that he will be doing once he beats Ziggler in a wrestling match…the catch…Keith is only wearing this tighty whities and he is dancing all over town!

The video is slowly going viral and for good reason! Check it out below. The beginning back and forth commentary between Keith and Ziggler is hilarious. I could watch Keith all day…he is quite the character for sure!

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Source : Youtube