We Will Buy Whatever This Door-To-Door Salesman Will Try To Sell Us!

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Kenny Brooks salesman comedian

Got water stains on your windows? Calcium stains where those flower pots used to sit? Stubborn stains on the carpet? Cat shedding too much? Sinuses bothering you all year long? Mother-in-law won’t go away? Just open the door the next time Kenny Brooks rings your doorbell, because he probably has a fix for anything that ails you!

This couple’s neighbor called Kenny “Nicolas Cage”, ‘cause he was gone in sixty seconds! The dude has got a disease called enthusiasm and he cut straight to the muster, spraying his product on the window to clean those water spots off the glass. Not only did they come out, but they didn’t come back after excessive rubbing! Say what?

When Kenny saw the calcium stains on the porch, he told the good folks that his mama said “if it’s darker than me and it don’t pay the bills, it shouldn’t be there”. A few sprays of his green concoction and a few rubs with the brush later, whatever was there is gone. He tells the couple of the HBO special, which means “Help a Brotha Out”, making his prospective buyers laugh while he demonstrates the power of his “Advantage Cleaner”.

Kenny could probably be the best door-to-door salesman, talking fast, using all sorts of cultural references, while giving you and offering you all sorts of benefits from his product. From what we could tell that stuff works, but if you were to leave this man on Antarctica with nothing but a parka, he would make a fortune selling ice to polar bears, he is that good.

Check him out in action below…he has some great one liners!