Kid Is Determined To Impress Older Girl, But His Awesome Dance Moves Aren’t Cutting It.

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kid dancing impress girl

Being a kid can be tough sometimes. You are always out to impress others and as you get older, boys attempt to impress girls and girls aim to impress boys. However, sometimes things can get awkward.

Brandi Wood Gordon of Gulf Breeze, Florida, knows the feeling of watching her kid do something socially awkward. A video she took of her son, Fuller, is now going seriously viral.

While at an outdoor festival at Community Life United Methodist Church, Brandi watched as Fuller decided to impress a girl in the only way he knew how…by dancing his young heart out.

Fuller put on quite the show for the older girl and after a few minutes, the girl just didn’t seem impressed. However, that didn’t stop Fuller from pulling out all the stops. From his impressive dance moves to inquisitive expressions, Fuller was going to impress this girl no matter what.

The video has gone incredibly viral over the last few days and for good reason! Check it out below! The video won’t only take you back to your own adolescence, it will make you smile too!

Fullers mom captioned the video : “I feel she’s not impressed with him.”