Social Experiment Puts Kids In Real Life Kidnapping Situations Highlighting ‘Stranger Danger’

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It happens all too often in this world. Kids getting kidnapped, assaulted and even killed because they fail to remember the number one rule ‘never get into a car with strangers‘.

In the United States, every 40-seconds a child goes missing or is abducted. Those are staggering numbers, considering by the time you are done reading this post and watching the video below over 10 kids will go missing. Statistics show that 99 percent of those kids will return home, but that is not to say that they were not assaulted, hurt or traumatized while they were missing.

It is important to speak to your children often about ‘stranger danger’. The world is filled with sicko’s who will do and say anything to lure a child into their vehicle.

Youtuber Coby Persin recently put together a social experiment where he asked the parents of children ages 9 to 12, if he could test them in order to see what they would do if asked by a stranger to get into their car. The results, were rather shocking.

All the parents stated they have spoken to their children about the dangers of strangers, yet it only took a few smooth words by the ‘actor’ predator to lure some of the kids in. Thankfully this was just a test, but take a moment and imagine if it wasn’t. Would your child casually get into the car of a stranger?


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