Kids Trying Dark Chocolate In Slow Motion Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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Dark chocolate is surely an acquired taste. I know as a kid I absolutely hated dark chocolate. Now, as I am older and my pallet has fined tuned itself, I find dark chocolate to be my favorite variation of the tasty treat.

Remember going trick or treating as a kid and you would get a handful of those mini Hershey bars? You know, the ‘crackle’, ‘regular chocolate’, the dreaded one with nuts and then the god awful dark chocolate one? I spent many days at school trying to trade my dark chocolate Hershey bar for a regular one and it no other kid would ever take the bait!

This video shows just how dreaded the dark chocolate taste is to kids. The best part, the video is in slow motion so we are able to relish in the horrific facial expressions of these daring youngsters!


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