Kim Kardashian-Inspired Robbery Victim Halloween Costume Isn’t Going Over Very Well With The Public

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A Halloween costume depicting reality star Kim Kardashian bound and gagged has sparked some outrage on social media and beyond.

A company called Costumeish is selling a costume called “Parisian Heist Robbery Victim,” and while the reality star is never named in the costume’s description, there’s little doubt the costume is Kardashian-related.

The costume kit includes a short white robe, a long black wig, large sunglasses, a fake gag, two inches of rope and a fake “$4 million dollar” ring.


The costume received backlash on social media, but Costumeish has “no intentions of taking it down and it has been selling well.”


“Our deepest sympathy to the family and nobody deserves to go [through] what she did. We are not mocking her, however, Halloween reflects pop culture and celebrities are no different,” a rep for Costumeish said.

Translation…”We are making a shit ton of money from this costume and screw off world.

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