Kim Kardashian Tied Up, Robbed Of Millions In Jewelry By Masked Gunmen Disguised As Police

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Armed gunmen handcuffed the concierge of a luxury residence in Paris Sunday night and forced him at gunpoint to lead them to Kim Kardashian’s room, where they then tied up the reality star and robbed her of more than $10 million in jewelry.

They also reportedly took two of Kardashian’s smartphones.

Paris police said five armed, masked men, who were still at large, stole a box containing valuables worth $6.7 million as well as a ring worth more than $4 million. The two officials confirmed Kardashian escaped uninjured and that an investigation was underway.

Kim’s husband Kanye West was performing at a New York City venue when he heard the news. West immediately told the crowd their was a family emergency and the show was over. West then abruptly left the stage.


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