Knowing Where You Carry Your Fat Can Help You Battle It Once And For All!

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With all the talk about obesity and weight gain over the last few days (mainly due to comedian Nicole Arbour’s ‘Dear Fat People’ viral video) we put together this article to show just where it is fat is carried. This pictorial diagram will show you where fat is carried and what causes fat to store in those certain areas.

Knowledge is power and knowing where you are carrying or storing your fat will help pinpoint what kind of adjustments you need to make to combat obesity or weight gain in general.

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1. Food Obesity

This comes from the typical over-eating behavior which usually is associated with a diet high in sugar. Smaller portion food, lowering sugar intake and implementing exercise are vitally important to control food obesity.

2. Nervous Stomach Obesity

Weight gain is highly associated with depression and other mental issues. You feel depressed and you want to counter that by taking in “comfort foods.” Naturally these are usually high sugar foods. Reducing high sugar intake and definitely dealing with the source of depressions or other mental ailments are key to combat this form of obesity.

3. Gluten Obesity

Big hormonal changes will bring on gluten obesity which commonly occurs with menopausal or adolescent women. Weight lifting helps counter this as does avoiding being inactive or sitting for long stretches. Eliminating smoking and drinking is also key.

4. Atherogenic Metabolic Obesity

The sign of this type is the big gut. Those who carry most of the fat around the gut area (some call it “cannonball gut” or a pot belly where all other areas of the body are relative lean). This can cause breathing problems and alcohol is to be avoided to get rid of this type of obesity.

5. Venous Circulation Obesity

Usually inherited, women who are pregnant or those with swollen legs seem to suffer from this. Exercise which encourages circulation such as running and stair climbing will help.

6. Inactivity Obesity

This is another classic form which is pretty straight forward. If you don’t move your body, fat will form, especially in areas of the body which were once exercised, yet are not anymore. You can speed up the metabolism by eating smaller meals at regular intervals which will help.

While there may not be a universal foolproof plan for fat loss that will work with every individual, there are some common themes that do need to be applied such as lowering sugar intake, as well as cutting down on alcohol, tobacco and highly fatty non-nutritious foods. On top of that, moving your body is also key while reducing portion size of meals and eating at intervals. These are all good moves to implement in order to combat the obesity problem.

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