Woman Comes Home To Find Koala Bear Pole Dancing In Her Living Room

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Competitive pole dancer and educator Nikki Erickson is probably used to guests taking an interest in the pole that’s installed in her home, but one day she was surprised to find that the pole attracts non-humans as well. According to Distractify, the Australia resident recently shared the above video of a koala, who unexpectedly entered her home through an open door, and then tried—and failed—to use the pole like a tree.

Erickson originally captured the incident on video about a year ago, The Huffington Post reports. After recently resharing the video with friends on her Facebook timeline, she was asked to make it public so that others could enjoy the footage.

The female koala (nicknamed Larissa), who reportedly sat at the base of the pole for a bit while Erickson took photos and videos, was then rescued by Queensland’s Daisy Hill Conservation Park. The team made sure that Larissa was healthy and later released her back into the wild, where the climbing structures are less shiny and much less slippery.

[h/t Distractify]


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