18-Years-Ago Kobe Bryant Showed Up To Rucker Park And Put On One Heck Of A Show

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After helping the Lakers win their 3rd straight NBA championship, Kobe Bryant put on a show at the legendary Rucker Park in Harlem, New York City.

Rucker park is extremely well known and many talented NBA players grew up playing there. The Rucker Park basketball court has also been featured in many blockbuster movies over the years, from Basketball Diaries to White Men Can’t Jump.

But in 2002, Kobe Bryant showed up to the inner city court and in front of a massive crowd of people – put on one hell of a display of his basketball playing skills.

The crowd went crazy as Kobe drained threes, dunked and outplayed everyone on the court. Players tried double teaming Kobe, but that didn’t stop him!

A true basketball legend!