Cringeworthy Footage Of A Lamborghini Hydroplaning Into A Car

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lamborghini car crash

This is another one of those clips that will make any lover of muscles cars grind their teeth so hard, they will crumble in their mouth. For car lovers, the footage you are about to see is so gruesome and not for the faint of heart. Proceed with caution.

Dash cam footage shot on the Novorizhskoe highway in the rural Istra district outside Moscow shows a road filled with cars minding their business along the soaked tarmac. As well they should, driving carelessly at top speeds will surely means the death of you, or at least your social life.

Good thing the clip eases us ever so slowly into what is about to happen, building up the tension as we wait for the inevitable. And surely enough, just as the car recording the road passes a gas station, a chrome-wrapped Lamborghini super car hydroplanes past the car, spins to the side and hits the car in front. Even if you are not a mega fan of these luxury items, a piece of your heart will break off at the sight.

The fabulous people of the Internet have been debating the authenticity of the footage, saying that it looks pretty fake, but an article in the Russian website would beg to differ. With the distinguishable chrome colored Lambo on the cover image, this is proof that you don’t test the power of a super car on wet roads. You just don’t.