LAPD Helps This 8-Year Old’s Make-A-Wish Come True In A Big Way!

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Now this is a wonderful story involving the police and an awesome 8-year old boy names Noah from Vermont. Yes, you read that right, a wonderful story involving police. These stories do exist despite the negative media attention the police have been getting lately, but that is far from the focal point of this article.


Noah is only eight and has already undergone 25 surgeries. Noah was born with a deadly genetic condition called Vacerl. When Noah asked the Make-A-Wish foundation if he could be a police officers, they thought…why not?

So they flew Noah out to meet the officers of the Los Angeles Police Department in California. There the officers responded to Noah’s request in a big, big way!

Noah got to experience riding in a police car at high speeds, perusing a criminal and even performing pit maneuvers. It was truly nice to see the smile on this little boys face after having to endure so much so soon. Check out the video below, it is great!

Source : Youtube