Spider From Hell | Massive 6-inch Hairy Spider Saved From Australian Flood

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large Australia spider tarantula

(Picture: Andrew Giliberto)

Imagine stumbling across a giant spider larger than a man’s hand, which makes loud hissing sounds and has powerful long venomous fangs. That would truly be a spider from hell…but it is real? Or does it live in the depths of your subconscious, only showing itself during dreadful nightmares?

The answer. It’s real. And it’s the scariest looking spider you will ever see.

While many people would run the other way when face-to-face with such an enormous arachnid, a group of North Queensland locals did the opposite and saved the terrifying creature when it was found dangling for dear life on a branch overhanging flooded water.

The spider is believed to be a whistling spider (Australian tarantula) — the name relates to the sound they make when feeling threatened. They are also known as bird-eating spiders.

Tarantula’s can’t be super aggressive if handled improperly. Their fangs are super long, but luckily they are not deadly to humans.

Males only live to be roughly five years and die shortly after mating, while females can live up to 30-years.