Larry The Cable Guy’s Southern Accent Is Fake And The Internet Can’t Believe His Real Voice!

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Famed comedian ‘Larry The Cable Guy’ has been a sham all along. I’m not even sure what’s real anymore after seeing the video below. You know, you think someone is a slow, southern funny man and then you realize his real name is Lawrence. His last name isn’t even ‘Cable Guy’. Ugh.

In a recent interview with Graham Bensinger, Larry aka Lawrence, spoke about how his southern accent is indeed fake. Apparently, Larry enjoys attempting his accent to whomever he is around. All these years I was under the impression this funny man was a southern redneck…ugh…his comedy will never be the same now in my eyes.

Did you know ‘Larry’ was actually Dan Whitney back in the day? As it turns out, DAN was a regular, non-country standup comedian for some time before hitting it big with his Larry character. He was born in Nebraska and studied theatre in college. I bet he has never even fixed cable a day in his life. You can check out DAN in action below.

Only joking, I could care less. He’s still quite funny!

Dan Whitney aka Larry The Cable Guy prior to making it big.