VIDEO | Las Vegas Murder Suspect Breaks Out Of Handcuffs And Escapes Police Station

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Alonzo Perez, 25, was arrested last Friday for allegedly murdering Mohammed Robinson, 31, with a handgun after an argument that started in front of a McDonald’s in North Las Vegas, Nevada, at around 11:45 p.m.

According to Robinson’s best friend, who was a witness to the shooting, the argument started because a woman was upset that Robinson didn’t hold the door open for her. She then turned to the man she was with, Perez, who pulled out a gun and shot Mohammed before fleeing the scene with the woman.

After Perez was caught, he was taken back to the station for questioning. A security video shows him alone, handcuffed to the table, looking at the ceiling. He then starts twisting the handcuffs and, as Police Chief Alexander Perez (no relation) put it, “He torques it to the point, using some of his body weight, that it snaps the hinges.”

Free of the handcuffs, Alonzo Perez climbed a chair, escaped through the ceiling, and dropped down into a hallway. After exiting the building, Perez stole a truck and drove off.

Perez was re-arrested on Tuesday, and the police will probably keep a closer eye on him this time. “We’re not perfect. The police are simply not perfect,” Chief Perez said. “However, we will learn from our mistakes so they are not repeated and that’s the goal. Someone will monitor the video at all times.”


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