Lazy A** Dramatic Horse Pretends To Be Dead Whenever People Try To Ride Him

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Not all horses have a great work ethic, some just want to horse around all day! A dramatic horse named Jingang, is exactly that type of horse! Although he may not have a long lasting career as a work horse, acting appears to be his true calling!

Jingang the horse pretends to be ‘dead’ in an overly-theatrical way. It’s silly. It’s funny. And it’s proof that some animals would rather laze about than earn their carrots like we do — by the sweat of our brows.

All Image credits: Frasisco Zalasar

Thousands of people have liked Frasisco Zalasar’s compilation video showing the horse avoiding its ‘chores’ by dramatically ‘dying.’

Most of us don’t spend all day long thinking about horses, which is why it’s easy to miss what incredible creatures they are. Double ‘D’ Trailers collected some fun and unusual facts about our equine friends, so get ready for a ride.

Did you know that horses can run within several hours of being born? Crazy right? To think it takes humans months and months to learn how to walk!

Ever see what looks to be a horse ‘laughing’? Well, the horse isn’t laughing, they are actually doing a nose-enhancing technique (called ‘flehmen’), which helps understand whether a smell is good or bad.


Horses aren’t colorblind either, like people used to believe a long time ago; however, they see purples and violets better than greens and yellows.

And if you’re ever in doubt whether a steed is male or female, look the gift horse in the mouth: if it has 40 teeth it’s male, and if it has 36 teeth it’s female. Or just look underneath the horse…that works too!