Lee County School Bus Driver Accused Of Urinating Off The Side Of A Bus

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Only in Florida!

A Lee County school bus driver has been accused of having her pants down. An eyewitness claims he saw the female driver peeing while sitting on the steps of a bus. A photo of the alleged incident first surfaced on Facebook and was later posted to  WINK News’ Facebook page.

The individual who took the photo, who only wanted to be identified as ‘Anthony’, spoke to WINK News in Fort Myers and said he took it outside of Caloosa Middle School around 3 p.m. last Friday.

“I was driving past the school when I saw this bus, and I saw the bus driver sitting outside. And I saw her with her pants down, sitting right underneath the steps of the bus, and I saw her peeing,” Anthony told WINK.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I couldn’t believe that a public employee was doing that out in public. Everyone keeps asking me, ‘How did you [know] that’s what she was doing?’ But you could tell that’s what was happening,” Anthony said.

Jamie Michael, union president for the Lee County School District told WINK after speaking with the driver in question that she says “she was on standby time, that she was sitting on the bus stairs, and she had ripped her pants that day.”

“It looks like there is some skin there, but she pulled her shirt tail out to cover it up because she didn’t have time to go home, to change clothes,” Michael said.

But the eyewitness who took the photo is certain of what he saw.

The Lee County School District says it is investigating the incident and wants to allow the driver to tell her side of the story. The name of the driver has not been released.

What do you think? Ripped pants? Or public urination?


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