LEGO Comes Out With A New Mini Collection Of Friends And It Is Nostalgic And Awesome At The Same Time

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Another reason has come out to prove that LEGO isn’t just for children, and that it is most definitely a perfectly passable toy for full-grown adults to play with on weekends. 

So, LEGO just came out with an announcement of their new collection – Friends. No, its not just a bunch of really close-looking group of generic characters. It’s really the oh, so popular friends from TV sitcom Friends: Coffee-fuelled hangouts, Regina Felangi’s and other totally weird names and characters, how-you-doin’ conversations, and everything else that comes with it. Although these six little figures look slightly less alive than those iconic New Yorkers, they do look like they have the same amount of fun. 

This nostalgic adult collection was unveiled in a video showing the gang all squished in that unforgettable sofa in front of that New York fountain. Years of 90’s collective pop culture memory made these LEGO characters instantly recognisable from their outfits, to their hairstyles. 


Thank you LEGO, for capturing these characters to the tee. A fan couldn’t resist imitating classic Chandler by saying: “Could I BE any more excited??”

After the immediate success of this collection, others have obviously suggested that LEGO  make more “grown-up” characters from popular TV series like The Office, Seinfeld and Scrubs. 

Friends has made the perfect fit for a complete LEGO set with all that apartment furniture we all remember, as well as the classic Central Perk Cafe. It will give the fans a sense of nostalgia and surrealism for the years to come. 


After being on air for 10 witty, hilarious years, Friends wrapped up on their tenth season in 2004. Despite all the rumors going around of a movie, or reunions, the creators and cast members repeated adamantly that they would like to leave memories of the sitcom in the past and keep it as good as it once was. 

Whether or not the creators and actors will change their mind about this decision, its nice to have something that brings back memories of these beloved characters that changed the lives of all those watching for ten memorable years. 


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