Female Lion Helps Save Man From Dangerous Lion Attack

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Being a zookeeper is a dangerous job! Getting this close to massive, naturally aggressive lions is absolutely nerve racking and the job isn’t for everyone.

These two zookeepers had a rude reminder of this fact when they were inside of the lion enclosure at a local zoo. Everything seemed to be going alright, but in an instant one of the lions flips a switch and begins to attack one of the trainers. Luckily, the other handler was able to jump in and help the man escape, but the true help came from an enclosed lioness. Once she saw the attack, she tried to ward off her lion mate so that the humans could run free.

Both men were okay in the end, but we’re sure they both got a bit of a scare in the situation, especially as a crowd of onlookers were there to witness the entire thing.


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