Listen To The ‘Peculiar Sounds’ That NASA Is Finding On Mars

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NASA’s InSight lander has recorded the first ever ‘Mars Quake’ back in April. Roughly six months later, NASA recorded more ‘peculiar sounds’ on the distant planet.

In an Oct. 1 blog post, NASA said that the lander’s seismometer, known as the Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure (SEIS), is able to pick up subtle noises, including a breeze, as well as more Mars quakes.

It [Mars quake] had a surprisingly high-frequency seismic signal compared to what the science team has heard since then,” NASA wrote in the post. “Out of more than 100 events detected to date, about 21 are strongly considered to be quakes. The remainder could be quakes as well, but the science team hasn’t ruled out other causes.

(Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

NASA states that they have no issues identifying the sounds of the quakes, however they have to filter out a slew of unidentified background noises.

NASA also added audio files, as well as a YouTube video, to the post, allowing listeners to hear the sounds being made on Mars.