Little Girl Insists That The Baby Shark Song Be Played While Alexa Is Lost In Translation

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All a toddler in Milwaukee wanted was for Alexa to play her favorite song, Baby Shark. With the Amazon Echo sitting on the the kitchen counter, this adorable little girl in a yellow coat and leggings repeatedly requested for the song saying: “Alexa, play baby shark,” but the device wasn’t made to understand toddler speak and ended up playing other songs like “Sure, Baby…Hold Back” by the group Say Anything, and not the popular children’s hit.

This heart-warming video was taken by mother Cryssy Turner, a couple of minutes after her daughter Zoe was patiently trying to get her message across. 

“She tries so hard to get Alexa to play her jam,” Turner posted on her Facebook page about the video. “She struggled for at least 5 mins before I even started recording. Finally, Turner had to take over and make the song request herself to see her daughter jump up and down with giddiness once she heard her favorite song on the speaker. 

This made Zoe smile in utter contentment and start dancing to the beat in the kitchen for the next minute. Seeing pure happiness in children’s eyes will make you start wanting to dance too. 

Check out the video of little Zoe interacting with Alexa here: 


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