Little Girl Was Abandoned In A Sinking Ship And Was Found In The Middle Of Nowhere – This Is Her Story

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It happened mid-morning on November 16, 1961. A family was on a freighter that was traversing through the Bahamas. The people thought that was going to be just like any other day. Suddenly, a curious sight caught their attention. The crew spotted 11-year-old Terry Jo Dupperrault drifting through the Atlantic ocean. The little girl was alone and on a dilapidated cork life float. She was barely clinging to life then. And judging by the way she looked and the raft she was on, she had been floating on the treacherous water for days now. How did this poor little girl end up here, drifting all alone in the middle of the ocean and out of nowhere?
This is the incredible true story of a young girl that needs to be shared. Her struggle for survival has been unbelievable. It all started great – a family vacation. How did this lead up to her being left for dead and in dire need of a rescue?