Bored Teen Turns His Little Brother Into Creepy Clown ‘Pennywise’ From Stephen King’s ‘IT’

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pennywise clown IT

What are to do when you are a bored teen with a knack for photography, have a little brother and love scary clowns? Well, just ask Mississippi teen Eagan Tilghman.

In a post made on Twitter, Tilgman said he got bored one day and decided to do a photoshoot with his 3-year-old brother, Louie, and the results were…well…quite freaky and quite awesome!

Tilghman did a heck of a job recreating the creepy clown, Pennywise, from the Stephen King novel “It”! With the movie coming out last Friday and breaking box office records…it seems only fitting!

Tilgham said he loves creepy clowns, but it isn’t all unsettling imagery for him.

“You can see an image and feel things with it, and I’m proud to say these are perfect, therefore they’re a perfect glimpse into how I see the world,” Tilgman wrote on Facebook.