Lone Star Ticks Are Invading The East Coast And They Are Nasty Little Creatures.

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Lone Star ticks are the most prevalent ticks along the East Coast right now,  but they’re most likely nearly undetectable until it’s too late… Larvae (seed ticks) and nymphs are extremely common right now. 

Make sure to do a tick check after every outdoor outing, even if you are just hanging out in short grass.


Larvae is known to be rather invasive and can populate in crevices on your body. Hence, it’s always crucial to do a thorough tick check after being outdoors, especially in the woods. 

lone star ticks disease

The Lone Star Tick can be found in the southern plains, Midwest and eastern United States. Its range expands in many northern states, including Missouri, New York, New Jersey, and Maine. 

Lone Star ticks have now been linked to a new disease called Alpha-Gal, an allergy to red meats and pork.

The ticks range in size and can be plentiful in numbers.