Man Forced To Jump After Hitting Snag Halfway Down Massive Zipline

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long zipline russia

If you are an adrenaline junkie this video will be right up your alley!

Two men wearing helmet mounted GoPro cameras start down a massive zipline in Russia. The zipline is one of the longest in the world and it is thousands of feet off the ground.

The two guys start cruising at ridiculous speeds across the steel cable zipline and when they reach the middle, they hit a snag. The two guys are forced to stop and swing thousands of feet in the air. The first guy in line decided to remove himself from the seat which he was sitting on, dropping it and letting it fall to the ground. Next, he wraps his legs over the zipline, dangles upside down and then he lets go!

Of course he was wearing a parachute and made it back to land safely, but boy oh boy…what an adrenaline rush! You can tell just how nerve-racking it was by the way he was breathing.