Look Babe…I Fixed It! Wife Uses Nail Gun To Fix Her Husband’s Xbox

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Casey Ledford pulled into his driveway after a long day of work only to find his wife in the front yard, nail gun in hand and working on some sort of project. As he approached his wife he realized that she was driving nail after nail into his Xbox.

His wife claims that a woman on the internet told her that by nailing the top of the Xbox multiple times, it will allow the Xbox to stay cool and not overheat. As she is telling Casey this, she continues to just blast nails through the center of the Xbox.

Casey simply looks on, speechless as he is clearly trying to wrap his head around what is going on. His wife informs him over and over again that she has done a good job and he will be proud. Props to Casey for acting so cool about the situation. I think he was just so dumbfounded that he figured he would save himself a ton of time and aggravation if he just agreed with his wife. After all…a happy wife means a happy life!

Casey’s final words….’Well, I’m goin’ to Wal-Mart to get me an Xbox One‘.