This 71-Year-Old Wallet Was Found In a Theater And It Has Quite The Story

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Imagine getting a call that your lost wallet has been found…71-years later!

That was exactly what happened to 85-year-old Clare McIntosh.

lost wallet movie theater

The Talent Factory Theater in Iowa, a landmark that has been around since the early 1920’s, was undergoing renovations when someone noticed something strange in the floor boards.

An old wallet was sitting on one of the floor beams. Inside the wallet, the life of a 15-year-old boy, dating back to 1944.

The wallet contained family photos, ration stamps from the war, a boy scout card and most importantly…an identification card. The wallet was so old…that the phone number listed on the ID card was just the number ‘8’. That’s right…you could call Clare by dialing ‘8’.

Now, the owner of the theater had a job to do…he had to locate Clare. Not knowing if Clare was alive and well was certainly the first worry. However, the owner of the theater was a former private investigator and after a little digging…he found Clare alive and well!

When Clare went to pick up his lost wallet…he was in absolute shock.


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