Lots Of People Are Choosing To Get Online Healthcare Degrees, And Here’s Why

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Over the past few years, people are opting to get their health degrees online, focusing on nursing, management or administration. And what makes it even better is that getting your degree is easier than you think.

Sadly, college degrees have slowly become more indispensable these days. Yet without a degree, it’s almost impossible to get your dream job or advance in your career. Because of this, it’s also way harder to earn the money that you want or deserve.

Thankfully, there are alternatives to getting a traditional degree, and it’s cheaper too. Not only do online students not need to attend live classes, they don’t have to worry about living on campus or finding a dorm at all.

An Arizona State University report from 2018 has revealed that colleges just like them are giving discounts of 3 to 50 percent discounts for online students.

Despite tuition fees suddenly increasing over the last decade or so, prospective students have managed to find big discounts from colleges providing online degrees from way cheaper than what colleges offer for the same degree but on campus.

Normally, in order to earn a degree it takes at least four years, while costing thousands of dollars at the same time. For those that are working and have commitments to their families at the same time, it’s almost impossible for them to get a degree. But colleges have realized that people now need both flexibility and affordability when it comes to earning an education, which is why they have now opted to offer online degree programs.

In fact, online colleges have earned the reputation of being flexible yet reputable at the same time, which makes them more popular than ever. Universities all throughout America are offering online degree programs now, aimed at educating those that are already working, while giving them new opportunities to earn an education with this kind of flexibility.

Anyway, employers don’t always care whether your degree was earned at university or from attending online courses.

MBA Degrees

Here Are Some Reason to Get an Online Healthcare Degree

Most people want to have a successful career, one that’s both fulfilling and that they’re passionate about. They also want to have a job that pays them well and that’s stable or steady. One job that can do exactly that is a career in healthcare. As a matter of fact, work in healthcare can be one of the best jobs that anyone can do. And these days it’s much easier to get into this field than ever before.

While an online degree program can offer more than a traditional college education can, going to a traditional college can be time-consuming and costly. Considering the modern way that people live nowadays, online programs will allow you to get in your basic coursework before you apply for clinical work. In just 1 month, you can already become a Home Health Aide. In 6 months, you can become a Nursing Assistant, while 9 months can bring you to Licensed Practical Nurse,  and 12 months in an accelerated program will get you to Registered Nurse.

Another healthcare occupation to consider getting a degree in is medical billing and coding. According to the AAPC report, the coding and medical billing field actually employs more than 206,000 employees within the U.S., and this amount is likely to go up by another 27,800 by the year 2026. This also means that there will be a high demand for medical billing experts in the future.

There is Lots of Flexibility With Online Colleges

When you enroll in an online degree program, you can actually set your own schedule, and you can also learn at your own pace. Depending on your full-time job or other family commitments, online degrees allow you to adjust your classes and take your time to accommodate your schedule. You can also speed up the process if you decide to take on more classes or decide to join an accelerated program.

Choosing to do online college also gives you the chance to be in control of your education and degree. It’s a chance to study from anywhere and at any time, while being flexible and taking classes when your schedule permits. In other words, online degree programs easily adapt to your personal and current situation.

It Gives You More Choices

Another plus of online college is that you can take whatever class you want and earn the degree that you want, too. You can choose from accelerated classes and programs, while earning credentials and completing your degree in half the time even. It truly depends on you!

There are tons of healthcare workers in the medical field than just the ones you see working inside hospital rooms. From paramedics, to dialysis nurses, emergency nurses to operating room nurses, there are a ton to choose from. All of these are options are open to anyone earning a nursing degree. And if you don’t like your first choice of nursing, you can always try another one in the nursing field.

When it comes to nursing, there are other subspecialties that are quite lucrative. A Certified Nursing Anesthetist, who is in charge of administering anesthesia to patients, works closely with an anesthesiologist. And those that specialize in this particular field can make an average of $135,000 annually.

Meanwhile, a Certified Nurse Midwife that helps deliver babies and gives healthcare to expecting moms, and in both pre and postnatal care,  can make up to $84,000 annually on average.

As for the average annual salary of a Nursing Case Manager, they can make around $69,000. Oftentimes, this role is usually employed by insurance companies rather than hospitals. And this role calls for monitoring how patients are progressing during and treatments, as well as during their recovery.

Online Degree Programs Are Very Affordable

Another bonus of online degree programs is that they are very affordable. While a normal bachelor’s degree usually costs in between $25,000 to $50,000 a year, online degree programs can cut those costs in half. That means that online students can actually lessen their costs by a whopping 50 percent, saving them 50 percent of what they’d normally spend on a traditional undergraduate degree.

Online colleges also give you the same opportunities with more savings since tuition fees are lower, and there’s no need to pay for housing or extra campus student fees.

Many times too, student loan forgiveness programs are also offered to students choosing to take a nursing degree. And there are tons of ways for nurses to get their student debt forgiven if they choose to work full time when they graduate. Nurses that choose to receive a Perkins Loan can even get 100% of their student loans forgiven once they work at least 5 years as a nurse. Talk about an amazing option for those from low income households that don’t have the funds to pay for their nursing degree.

How To Find Online Degree Programs

Online colleges are giving many the opportunity to get the degree they’ve always wanted through flexible programs that adapt to their schedules. And better yet, by making them budget friendly. Plus they give many the opportunity to get a job quickly after graduating.

Sadly, not everyone is aware of these alternatives, which means they don’t even bother to look for colleges online. If you happen to be looking to start online schooling, all you have to do is some online browsing and research to find the program that’s best for you.

The suggestion is to look at three or four different options to compare which college will be best for you. While it’s always good to be thorough, it’s also great to know that it doesn’t have to be a long or arduous affair. In just a few clicks, you can be well on your way to getting the career of your dreams!