Worker Finds Secret Room During Home Renovation That’s Tied To The ‘Lottery Killer’

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lottery killer secret room

When a man was called to a job to replace a homeowners air condition system, he discovered quite the little surprise while inspecting the AC set up. Here is his story.

“I was sent by my air conditioning company to a house in Plant City to do an air conditioning system change out. In the beginning, the house was completely remodeled without any permits. All work was told to be halted until permits were produced, including mine.

The AC change out went very smoothly and was ready for inspection. When the system was inspected, it came back with a red tag, saying that there was leakage in the duct-work. Upon further inspection, I found a piece of wall that didn’t look the same as the rest. I pushed on the wall revealing a secret room. Leading to the secret room was a carpeted walkway. When the secret rooms door was closed it didn’t even look like it was there.

Upon entering the room I noticed stained wood walls carpeted floors electrical cable and a light switch. There was even a door that had a makeshift bathroom that popped out which led to a pipe that drains through the soffit. There were a few personal items scattered about the floor and two license plates screwed to the wall above the door. There was a very grim of feeling about the place.

After having the video up for a day, people were fascinated by it and started sharing it and a man came to me with information about the room and who lived there. He told me of a boy named R.J. Moore and his mother Dee Dee Moore, better known as the Lottery Killer. Later, someone sent me more screenshots of the plates that were hung in the secret room confirming they belonged to Dee Dee Moore. I’m not sure what the secret room was used for, but if I had to guess I would guess it was from hiding out from the police.”

About the Lottery Killer :

“Dee-Dee” Moore killed Abraham Shakespeare in April 2009, after he won a $30 million lottery jackpot in 2006.

lottery killer secret room

The 41-year-old Moore befriended Shakespeare in late 2008, claiming she was writing a book about how people were taking advantage of him.

Moore later became his financial adviser, eventually controlling every asset he had left after his death, including an expensive home, the debt owed to him and a $1.5 million annuity.

lottery killer secret room

“Dee-Dee” Moore

‘She got every bit of his money,’ said Assistant State Attorney Jay Pruner in closing arguments. ‘He found out about it and threatened to kill her. She killed him first.’

Moore was sentenced to life in prison.

Check out the room below.