Lottery Winner Blows Through $50M In Record Breaking Fashion Before Death

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Colin Weir, of North Ayrshire, Scotland, won a massive $257.6 million EuroMillions jackpot in 2011! And sadly, he died in 2019 from Sepsis. Over the course of 8-years, he blew through a whopping $50 million before his death. Spending an average of $131,000 per week like it was nothing.

His spending included a $6M mansion, that he purchased within 10 minutes of receiving the cold hard lottery winnings, in addition, he spent millions renovating the home to his liking. He bought soccer teams, fancy cars, race horses and so much more!

Weir is former cameraman married to a nurse…he bought a 55 percent share in Glasgow’s Partick Thistle Football Club just before he died.

The lottery was almost a curse for Weir. He divorced his wife in 2018 after being married for 40-years. And then his kidney’s failed and he passed away a year later.

At the time of his death, Weir was the second largest jackpot winner in Europe.